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The Story of AT&T

AT&T Customer Service NumberNovelty, conquest, fortitude and recovery are things that make up the AT&T story. Since the beginning of this company, a revolution started. It was able to spearhead innovations in the communications industry, establish a monopoly, undergo the devastation brought upon it by the government and then come back up to re-establish itself as one of the top players in digital communications.

With 107 years making up its story, AT&T is said to be the world’s largest company. You may think that a company this big and a company this old will have a hard time coping up with the fast changing times of today, but it has remained solidly up to date with all the technologies you can think of. It could be expected that such a giant will be hard up in keeping up in the race because it would be quite hard to steer due to its size but AT&T seems to be fluidly capable of setting the standards with the competition and winning the games that its industry is playing. It is quite amazing to learn about the rises and the falls of this world leader in telecommunications as it has been an example of a major performer that has its own obstacles to course through even though it has already established its roots for a long time.

If you want to compare AT&T’s story to another company to realize its massiveness, imagine Alexander Graham Bell inventing the car instead of the telephone. AT&T would have built all the super highways and traffic lights as well as service stations. No one would actually own a car, they would just be renting it and there will be no freeways. All tollbooths would be collecting money for this giant. This is what AT&T has done for telephones. It created the device and built the network in which those devices would operate. This is called the Bell System, which is the first complex electronic network the world has ever known. AT&T set the standards for other networks to follow. The systems applied today were all patterned to what this communications company built.

AT&T is able to cope up with the fast increase in traffic because it also controls the network. This monopoly is not only successful; it also ensured an easier system to manage for such a complex task of maintaining the main network that the whole nation is using. But even though AT&T’s monopoly served the public well, the government thought it should come to an end. After much criticism, controversy and millions of dollars being spent in legal battles, AT&T eventually broke up its components and gave up some of its services and infrastructure. Of course, there was a lot of disappointment at first but things got better. AT&T’s assets dropped from $150 billion to $34 billion but it was not about to die a sudden death.

Jumping onto the current times, anyone would think that managing so many contact points for telephony and internet services would be very hard even to imagine but AT&T, with its history and might, is able to do so without fear of the future. There are still new technologies coming out from this vanguard of innovation. As it is able to maintain the great service it has promised from the very beginning, AT&T uses its past to go on in delivering the next wave of technologies with the same dedication. Now over 130 years old, AT&T customer service looks like it would still last another century in serving in the telecommunications industry without any great difficulties that it could not surpass.

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